My strong sense of style surfaced around the age of three when every morning was another adventure for my mom as I refused to wear the outfit we had laid out the night before. Soon my passion for style turned to interiors as I would constantly rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. I left behind the stuffed animal covered twin bed, but that excitement and energy for interiors has only intensified as I’ve gotten older.

Through art and interior design studies in college and an internship at Ralph Lauren, I started to hone in on my personal style. Living in two great cities, New York and San Francisco, also exposed me to a vast world of style and culture which further developed my sense of design.
When I moved into my first apartment after college, the only thing I could think about was how I was going to decorate it. After a few months things came together and I started getting inquiries about my decor and my design resources. Starting a blog was the perfect way to share my ideas with friends around the world. Since then, I’ve been approached by a number of people who have wanted my help with their own spaces. Thus, Attention to Detail Design was born.

If you need help designing your home or just need to add some finishing touches to your space, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information (morgan.laske@gmail.com). Thanks for stopping by!