Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dark Side

I recently started helping my friend Shannon in decorating her home.  She has some fantastic pieces but just doesn't know how to bring everything together.  One of the spaces we are focusing on is her kitchen, which is so close to being absolutely perfect.  She has already replaced her counter tops with butcher block slabs and they look incredible.  She also has some amazing accessories, like Anthropologie's mini Ikat bowls and such.  We picked up a little striped rug this past weekend, which Shannon said works perfectly in there.  So, really the only thing we have left to address are the cabinets and hardware.  I'm heading over there today to compare paint samples for the cabinets, but we've already decided on something dark, like a really deep slate or navy.  I know this is a highly discussed topic in the design world, but in looking through my inspiration folder, I started swooning over these rich, bold spaces all over again.

Ah, so good! Hopefully we can decide on a color today and I can share the finished product with you next week!

*Images courtesy of Lonny, Elements of Style, CocoCozy, Tommy Smythe

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