Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sheepskin Love

One of the best things about design is thinking outside the box.  It is fun to play around with different ideas and take some risks, for those designs usually end up being the most fab.

When I moved into my apartment, we were basically dealing with a blank slate.  We went shopping at various places, one of course being Ikea.  I tried to select things with a certain design in mind, but as most of you know, things usually change when you put it all together.  One of the items we got at Ikea was this sheepskin rug (we actually bought two).  There is also another version, for about $15 less that we picked up as well.  

Once we started collecting different great pieces, these rugs didn't really have a place on the floor.  Instead, I placed them over two cheap plastic chairs from Ikea and suddenly they were cute, cozy, sheepskin chairs!  Going through my file of design images, I noticed that I'm not the only one with this idea.  Here are some great examples, including one from Jenna Lyon's (executive creative director for J.Crew) New York apartment ...


I've since picked up a great set of side chairs to replace the cheap Ikea ones and the rugs have now found a place on the floor - another perk, versatility! 


Images courtesy of bryn alexandra and elements of style

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  1. Always great to see how something, i.e., a sheepskin rug, can be so versatile. You have shown some fun ways to use and display these cuddly pieces.