Monday, May 9, 2011


I hope you all had an awesome weekend and Mother's Day!  I feel like the whole entire thing flew by in about 5 seconds.  When my alarm went of this morning I couldn't believe it was already Monday morning...I have slept a mere 5 hours for the last few nights.  I poured myself a huge cup of coffee and hopped on my computer.  I had a tab open to Song of Style (a favorite fashion blog) and this cute little note was in front of me:

When I think of Monday in terms of "my day" it makes heading into the work week a lot easier.  And really thinking about everyday as my day or your day makes life a lot more fun.  Make the most of it, do something every day that makes you happy.  We only get one shot so you better make it worth it.

So, I promise tomorrow I'll have some design stuff for you.  But for today, enjoy the sun and the people who surround you, where ever that may be.

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