Friday, September 3, 2010

City Living

A good friend of mine recently moved into a great space, but has very little furniture to fill it.  Which means a blank canvas for moi!  I started working on some options for the space and wanted to share one result with my readers.  I wanted a sophisticated urban chic feel with pieces that could serve various purposes depending on the way the room was being used.

The living room isn't huge, so a large sofa would be too overwhelming.  I think the loveseat and bench are better elements together and probably more functional as well.  The two gold side tables are cute if they serve as a coffee table, but can also be separated and moved off to the side if need be.  Plus, the gold infuses the space with a little glam factor.  The zig-zag ikat would be sewn into curtains and the faux cowhide pillows add great texture but keep the space from being too busy.  Any thoughts?


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