Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paint it Black

We are just weeks away from finally moving into our new condo and of course all I can think about is the decor.  We are definitely going to change the color of one large wall immediately.  It's currently a red wine color, which actually works for the decor they had.  But it definitely doesn't work for us.  I've been thinking about grays, like pewter or slate.  I've also been highly considering black.  I'm not sure how Peter would feel about black walls, especially because I think black is a hard color for most people to visualize in terms of paint.  With that said, I was perusing the Elle Decor website last night and did a happy dance when I came across Black Magic, an editorial that includes a slideshow of rooms painted black.

Love, love, love.  And it would go perfectly with all the white furniture that we already have!  :)


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