Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love for the Abstract

Last night my mom and I had a delicious dinner at The Palms in Milwaukee's Third Ward.  The Palms is one of my favorite places to eat because the menu is diverse, the atmosphere is always lively and the decor is ever changing.  They are currently featuring the art of Phyllis Toburen, who has been honored with a number of awards for her incredible abstract pieces.

I love the way that abstract art can change the look of a room.  It is a great contrast against the geometric lines that I gravitate towards in design.  Check it out.

I have a blank canvas that has been sitting around for over a year now.   And by sitting around I mean being hauled to and from San Francisco and taking up valuable space in our bedroom in the meantime.  I think Peter would be more than thrilled if I actually took it upon myself to paint it.  I think I'll use these photos as my inspiration!


*Images courtesy of: Zoldan Interiors, Full House, David Jimenez, Lonny Mag


  1. i love the abstract's contrast with the linear. and yes, please make some art of that canvas.