Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I ♥ Jayson

This week is turning into a product review from all of my resources - ha!  Oh well, I guess that is what the blogging world is all about!  Today I'm sharing with you my favorite pieces from Jayson Home and Garden.  I first came across Jayson years ago when I was walking through an area of Chicago populated with interior shops.  I could tell from the exterior that I was going to love the shop, but I had no idea how MUCH I was actually going to love it.  I was swooning over absolutely everything.  And the bonus is that their products are priced somewhat moderately (not cheap, but super quality).  I'll be considering a piece or two from there when we move into our new place.  Here is what I'm loving...

This goatskin rug is gorgeous!  It is small (2'x3') so it would be perfect if there was a small area, like a bar or desk, that you wanted to define in an open space.  Plus, at $78 you can't go wrong!

Beautiful cheese knives.   These would be a great hostess gift (maybe go in with a couple friends) or even a great wedding gift.

This Byron Chair is so elegant in brown velvet with nailhead trim.  Perfect for the fall weather we felt last night.

Completely obsessed with this Francisco Stool

I have a feeling my dad would love this Sherwood Table...

More beautiful lines - Louisa Sofa

I think the Goatskin Rug and Francisco Stool are on the top of my list :).


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  1. I think the quartz votive holder is on MY list. ;)