Friday, April 8, 2011

The Blues

I think one of the best transition looks in between Winter and Spring is a monotone outfit.  I know the word monotone has a negative connotation, usually making us think BORING.  But I think a monotone look is a really important element in fashion.  Especially now while we are in between seasons - you don't want to wear your winter clothes anymore, but you would look ridiculous in a neon-bright (yes, neon is in for Spring/Summer) sleeveless shirt.  Plus, an outfit that stays within one color on the color wheel is usually extremely flattering and gives us a long and lean look.  So I paired a few Spring pieces (wide-leg jeans with wedges and a clutch) with a few winter pieces (a sequin shirt with a jacket and heavy jewelry).  I stayed within the BLUE color family to achieve an SUPER flattering look.

J Crew sequin tank top
$78 -
Knit cardigan
35 EUR -
Paige Denim wide leg jeans
$79 -
Unlisted by Kenneth Cole wedge heels
$59 -
Dorothy Perkins leather handbag
15 GBP -
J Crew vintage jewelry
$65 -
Kate Spade stud earring
$45 -
Pieces gold bracelet
$17 -

I LOVE all of the pieces in this look!  Have a great weekend!


1 comment:

  1. Love this outfit! Great job putting it together. I am crazy over gold jewelry right now and I LOVE that bracelet :)