Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Home Rebuilt

I came across this incredible home in the New York Times the other day and it really spoke to me.  The original home on the property in the article was actually destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and it's owners, Karina Gentinetta & Andrew James McAlear, have since rebuilt a new structure.  In keeping with the style of the Lakeview District of New Orleans, where they reside, Karina and Andrew built a side-hall cottage with incredible architectural details.  Not only is the exterior of the house adorable and charming, the interior is absolutely beautiful and much loved.  Karina, previously a lawyer, now owns an antique shop in New Orleans & on 1st dibs, which explains the Louis XV chairs and other distinguished pieces found throughout her home.  I hope you love it as much as I do!





This whole space is a perfect example of how to balance of high and low prices points as well as different styles like the rustic and glamorous ones used here. 

Side note - did you notice the HUGE images!?!  It's all thanks to my new blog design by Kelly from Fab K Creative.  Thoughts on the design?


  1. Love this house but let's talk about your new blog design. It's fabulous!!!!

  2. LOVE your new design. It's so great. Fab K is the best.

    and I also LOVE the kitchen tile floor in that image. B


  3. Your blog is so pretty and the design only makes it even more fab! This house is oh so charming - love old New Orleans homes!