Monday, April 25, 2011

Charming Charleston

I'm back!  I had the most amazing weekend in Charleston.  Have you guys ever been?  The architecture and design in downtown Charleston is to die for.  Everything is so cute, I swear I could move there in a heartbeat.  And the beach doesn't hurt either.  I took some photos I thought you would enjoy...the only downside is that the few hours that my camera had battery left were in the early morning when everything was closed, so there are a lot of window pics!

 Drool worthy trunk...

 Had to get a photo of this!

 Great vignette.

 Adorable x-bench in one of many antique shops.

 Loved these lion andirons...

 Epitome of southern decor...

Who wouldn't want to curl up in that chair?!?

 Suzani print spotted at this adorable lunch spot we hit up on the first day.

 Uttermost hanging lamp at said lunch spot.

 My favorite window the gold mirror, the white accents and the orchid!

 Everyone needs a guard dog :)

 LOTS of chinoiserie!

 Charming architecture.

 Tree lined streets...

 Beach cruisers everywhere!

Beautiful landscaping.

 Our favorite house!

 I wish this photo could have captured the gas lanterns in action...gorgeous!

Want to move yet?  Ahhh, best girls weekend ever!

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  1. Love all your pictures! Sounds like it was a great weekend. I've been wanting to take a trip to somewhere in the south, and Charleston might've just made the top of the list!