Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brainstorming for the Bathroom

So our bathroom is going to be that room that doesn't get much attention until I finish the 20 million projects for the living/dining area and bedroom.  However, I think that once I find a bit more time (even my weekends have been full of work), I could tackle the bathroom easily since it is a relatively small space compared to the rest of the place.  I want a design that has a huge impact but isn't very hard to accomplish.  Does that exist? :)  What do you think of these?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color scheme.

 This bathroom would match my sheet set!

I like this dramatic wall, it reminds me of trees in the winter.  I think I would like more color though.

 Funky lights, gallery wall?

 So beautifully subtle.  I could go with a similar pink color and a statement piece... that hardware is to die for.


*Images courtesy of: Amanda Nisbet, Furniture Store Blog and Under a Paper Moon.


  1. I've been seeing a lot of gallery walls in bathrooms lately, and I have to say, I totally dig it. So many options of things you could feature!

  2. My vote is for the one with the gallery wall and unique lights ;) Plus wouldn't the color scheme flow with the living room as well??