Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneek Peek

It seriously feels so good to have almost everything unpacked.  The next big task is to paint.  I have to prime the walls and then test a few colors and will hopefully have at least most of the place painted by next week.  I really want to get our bedroom painted as well, but we have 10" ceilings throughout the house, so it makes the task of painting a lot harder.  I'm going to go with a silvery gray for the walls in the main room (living/dining) and maybe a shade darker for the kitchen.  Here are a couple shots of the place so far!


I picked up this adorable sheet set at The Company Store and we also got this cute new bed.  I think everything will be perfect once we paint the room.  It looks like Keller thinks he got a new bed.  :)


I made decent progress on the bookshelves, but they still need a little work.  I think I'm going to back them with wallpaper, but that project definitely won't happen for a bit.


 This is just one part of the room because the rest was too sunny to photograph.  I love this table because Peter found the base of it on the street in SF and picked it up.  It was ivory and had a shabby chic look.  I painted it orange and voila!  You might recognize those chairs from this post.  They will eventually be recovered, but I won't know which direction I want to go in until we paint.

I wish I could have photographed the couch (can't complain about the sun though) because it looks cool with these new pillows my mom got for us.  I'll try to get some shots soon.

What do you think?



  1. I wish MY gentleman friend would pick up pieces like that for me off the street! Normally when we pass good street furniture, he's too focused on the fact that it looks all gross to see the potential. You're a lucky lady!

    I think it is looking good. Nice bookcase styling. And loving those little trunks you found at the foot of the bed!

  2. I can't believe the progress since Tuesday! Looks great---good to know Keller is feeling at home. Hehe.

  3. Great job Morgan!! Terrific choices. My favorite pix is Kellker on "his" bed Connie

  4. Looks soooo awesome! I know who I will be asking for advice when we move into our new place! :) Love you!

  5. Morgan use paint with primer already in it. it works so well. Behr or Valspar make it it will save you so much time and it covers really well. Also if you get one of those paint sticks that sucks up the paint in the handle it will also change your life:)

  6. The place looks great! Happy painting!