Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Domino Forever

Over the weekend I stumbled across this bookstore in Madison that had a fantastic selection of interior design books.  I was in a huge rush and could have sat for hours look at them all, but at least it is close by and I can head back when I find the time (someday, fingers crossed).  I did manage to grab one book that is a fantastic addition to my library.  It is Domino: The Book of Decorating.  You can still get it at Anthropologie, as well as other sites, just google the title and take your pick.

Most of us were so disappointed when Domino stopped production and this book really encompasses what the magazine was about.  There are countless swoon-worthy photos as well as decorating tips that fit any budget.
Here is just a small sampling of photos from the pages of the very cute,  coffee table worthy book.

Allison Sarofim's Bathroom

Chase Booth's Bathroom

Deborah Needleman's Living Room

Fawn Galli's Dining Room

Haylynn Cohen's Living Room Decorated By David Lawrence

Jenna Lyons' Bathroom

Johnson Hartig's Living Room

Liz Lange's Entryway Decorated By Jonathan Adler

Sara Ruffin's Living Room

Windsor Smith's Dining Room
I highly suggest you at least take a look at the book if you aren't ready to make the purchase.  These are incredible spaces and I can't stop studying every detail!  AND to top it off, Domino put together a "Black Book" of design resources that they included at the end.  How fabulous is that?


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