Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outdoor Escapes

It has been such a cold and crummy summer here in San Francisco, I cannot wait until I get to feel the heat of a real summer (soon)!  We have a cute little patio, mostly thanks to my dad who spent days making it beautiful :).  One day, when I have a bigger outdoor space (and a much larger budget), I could see doing something fantastic like these...

One day ;)



  1. I like it Morgs... Maybe if things go ok for us in the next few weeks, you could do a 6 Wilton Tce special :) I'd like to see the potential from your talented eyes!

  2. Scotty J - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!! It looks amazing. And I would definitely put together a ton of ideas for you if you would let me :). Miss you tons and tons. xx