Friday, August 6, 2010

Room Remix Series

I got such a great response (thank you!) from the room remix post I did last week, so I thought I would make it into a series for you guys.  I'll pick an image and give you some resources for the elements that make up the room.  Today is a little guest room that looks so peaceful and cozy.  I absolutely adore this space and think the elements in the room make it appear larger than it is.  Plus, I'm crazy about the use of black and white since those are the two colors I gravitate to most in design and fashion.  Remember that under each item I've listed you can click the pink words and the link will take you to where to buy that item.



A good friend of mine just ordered these and they are fantastic.  To add the black stripe (as seen in the inspiration photo), I would use ribbon and stitch witchery.  I hope to be able to help my friend do the same on hers if I have the time before we move and if I do, I'll definitely do a DIY tutorial for you guys.

There are so many possibilities for white duvets out there, but I picked this one because I think carries great products and this also had good reviews.  Plus, you never want to go too cheap with bedding because if you sleep in it every night, it should be nice!


So there you have it!  Have a great weekend.


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