Friday, August 27, 2010

Reinventing a Classic

You might recognize this image from my Pretty in Pink post earlier this week.

I absolutely looooooooove these sofas.  They are an incredible statement piece for the space.  The symmetry in the room is also really appealing to me.  Typically to have something like this custom made, you have to have a pretty large budget.  I started thinking about how I could accomplish this look working with a smaller budget.  

First, start with this sofa, which has removable cushion covers...

We actually have this couch and it is a terrific value.  Next, choose some fabric that appeals to you.  Some options that I like (going along with the pink theme)...

Finally, create simple slip covers for the cushions by using the white ones as a guide.  If you aren't savvy with a sewing machine, try to find a friend who is.  This can be so simple since you already know the exact size the covers need to be.  If you really don't know anyone, look around for a local upholsterer who would do it at a low price.

It is possible that I might be trying this with our existing couch and of course, if I do, you will get to see the process and end result.  
Have a great weekend!


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  1. I really love the versatility of these sofas. It's great to take a base and work from there. For those that tire easily it is a great way to switch up the look with slip covers which are relatively easy and pain free. Would you recommend sticking with one pattern or combining coordination ones? I love all of your information and tips and look forward to reading more ;)