Monday, August 9, 2010

Southampton Dream House

I came across this gorgeous Southampton beach house while I was perusing the House Beautiful website yesterday.  There are so many different elements to this house it seems like there is something new to discover every time you turn the corner.

This living room is done so beautifully.  With a big open space and so much furniture, it would be easy for the room to become really heavy.  But the consistency of the white furniture keeps things light and airy for a beach house vibe.  Did you notice the incredible lucite coffee table (swoon)?

A bathroom done in shell everything could easily come off as really kitschy, however the sconces, sink and gorgeous vanity make it very elegant.


I want those lanterns SO badly.


From the mosaic floor and rustic chandelier...


to the luxurious tiles and silver chandelier here, the house spans so many styles of design.


I don't even know where to start with this next one - the bedside tables, the zebra benches and the turquoise chair and lamps are all phenom.  My favorite thing about the room though is the turquoise stripe painted around it.  It draws interest, but is easy and a lot less expensive than painting the entire room.  I think I will try this in our new place.



  1. That bedroom is so fresh and cool looking. Perfect on a very hot summer day!

  2. i could live there... maybe.

  3. I LOVE that first living room picture. It is SO marvelous! That little pop of pink might be my favorite part! You have such incredible ideas, I can't wait to keep reading! :) Thanks!