Monday, July 12, 2010


I've been thinking about a fabric choice for when I recover this adorable set of side chairs that I scored off craigslist.  They are cute as is, but they will be incredible after a little facelift.

And I've fallen in love with this fabric...

I think it would be a great pattern and color choice, however, it is silk, which would be great for curtains, yes, but the seat of a chair, not so sure.  Last week, Bryn, over at bryn alexandra posted one of Premier Prints' new fabrics.  Premier Prints has so many fantastic choices at a great price and when Bryn posted Chipper, I was so excited to see something similar to the Ikat above.  Chipper, however, is made of a more durable fabric for a chair cushion.  These are my favorite color ways...

Another top choice of mine that could be used for a zillion fun projects is zippy.  I'm not sure if I would want to do the black/white though and I don't really love the other color choices they offer. 

Others that are in the running...





I would love your opinion on which fabric you think I should use, so let me know via email or leave a comment at the bottom of the post...thanks!



  1. Personally, I am in love with the Ikat patterns in upholstery, clothing,and accessories. Check and look at scarves. Thanks for the post, Morgan.

  2. i vote for the kimono in navy, but i also like the top mingei design. since i get to sit on them, my vote counts more!