Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awed By Irving Penn

Thanks to a good friend (and photographer) of mine, I've recently become familiar with the work of Irving Penn.  His images are absolutely stunning.  If I had an addictive personality, this would be my poison.  I just can't get enough of the beauty.  Penn was actually hired at Vogue to do their covers and through his process of designing the layouts, he began taking some of the shots himself.  He soon became one of the most memorable fashion photographers of all time.  Penn pushed the envelope and produced still lifes and portraits that are so alluring.  He often used his model wife and his daughter for subjects in his photos.  The Frozen Food still life which you will see towards the end is one of his most famous pieces.  I'm in love with the one of the girl (his daughter) in front of the fan and the one of the pink flower, plus all of the fashion shots of course.



  1. Thanks for posting, Morgan. I forgot how stunning and inspiring his work is.

  2. each photograph says so much they leave me speechless. absolutely phenom.