Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lusting After Zoldan Interiors

When I stumbled across the Tia Zoldan's portfolio the other day, I couldn't believe it was the first time I had heard of her!  I could not have pried myself away from the computer if I tried.  Every single image kept me wanting more.  Her mix of sophistication and playfulness is what makes her spaces so intriguing. 

Tia has completely nailed the ability to address every aspect of the space without overdoing it.  She creates a perfect balance between geometric textiles and abstract art.  Do you notice in the last photo, how she has so cleverly incorporated a map into that child's room?  It fits in impeccably with the sophisticated design.  Also, her combination of bright accents and muted colors make the design feel so effortless, never forced.  It's incredible how much inspiration you can gain from a single person!


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  1. i love all the different shapes in this post!