Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Just by} Chance

I just happened upon the website of the new clothing company, Chance and oh, am I glad I did!  Chance was started by Julia Leach (ex-creative director at Kate Spade) and is based on simplicity and timeless appeal.  As much as I like to stay on trend and follow the fashion world, personally, my style always ends up to be pretty classic.  Sooooo, when I saw the stripped boatneck for only $60, I started drooling.  When Julia Leach was at Kate Spade, she was pretty much the mastermind behind their colorful ad campaigns and swoon-worthy in-store decor.  For her creativity to now be more accessible to us is a dream.

If you can't tell, the accessories are my favorite part of the line.  :)


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