Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the Dog Lovers...

It was recently our dog Keller's birthday and of course (since we treat him like he is human), we showered him with gifts and treats.  One of which was a new collar - or going to be.  Our favorite pet shop was so low on collars that we couldn't find a cute one.  I checked back multiple times but finally I moved on and decided to order one.  We thought it would be cute to get him a collar with his name embroidered on it, so I began looking.  I found some decently cute ones and almost ordered one of them, but when I got to the purchasing screen there was a note that said turnaround time was 15-18 business days.  NO WAY was I waiting - ridiculous.  Then I had an idea of doing it myself (well with the help of my favorite embroidery shop).  I started looking for a collar that would be durable but also easy to get through an embroidery machine.  I found this one, which is made from 100% re-purposed soy fibers that are super soft but also really strong.  And check out the price tag!

After grabbing the last one from a local pet shop, I headed over to said embroidery shop and set up the design.  The next day I headed back (with an excited pup) and picked up the finished product!

Super cute, inexpensive and quick!



  1. I love it! Keller looks so handsome!

  2. Wow, handsome and proud! Great idea.

  3. That is such a cute idea!!! Love it! Carter said he wants one too :) And he thinks you should do a post about whippets!

  4. Absolutely LOVE the new collar for the handsome pup! Is it easy to find an embroidery shop that will complete in such short turnaround? My Kasey would look great in one... if his fluffy coat doesn't cover it up!

  5. Kelly, it should be easy to find an embroidery shop to do it for you quickly. Look for someone local and relatively small and they will get it done in no time! Thanks for reading!