Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wine Review

As I mentioned last week, we went up to Healdsburg (Norcal wine country) this past weekend to do some wine tasting.  We visited three wineries, which ranged from too pretentious to needs some major help.  With that said, one of the wineries was absolute perfection.  It was called Preston Vineyards and it was recommended to us by one of our friends who works in the SF food industry.  Mrs. Preston (co-owner) is an artist and has done all of the decor for the winery.  I snapped some shots to share with you.  From the little market out front to the tasting room to the picnic area, it was all beautiful.

We tasted 5 of their wines, most of which were fantastic, my favorites being the Madam Preston and the L. Preston.  The Madam Preston is a dry and crisp white wine with a bouquet of pear, honey, almonds and jasmine.  It was perfectly refreshing on a hot and sunny day.  The L. Preston is a very dry red blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Carignane and Mourvedre.  That blend is very unique and unconventional, but it was light and delicious.  If any of you are planning a trip to northern California, I highly suggest visiting Preston!



  1. Preston was one of the most fun wineries i have ever visited. i highly suggest it. great people, great wine, great sourdough bread! the estate was also a dreamland!

  2. Wow! This place looks amazing and I love all of your photographs.