Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Basics of Bedding

I don't know about you, but I fully appreciate a well-made bed when I'm ready to hit the hay each night.  It honestly doesn't feel as rewarding to climb in for the night if the bed hasn't been made.  But how do you make it as cozy as possible, while still looking great?  I've compiled a few tips for you, as well as some of my favorite bedroom images.

Tip #1 - Make sure you have the basic components.  One fitted sheet, one flat sheet, a comforter and at least 4 pillows (2 standard pillowcases and 2 shams) are the basis to a good bed.

Bedding Basics

Tip #2 - Turn back your comforter to reveal the various layers of the bedding.

Tip #3 - Create interest with different textures and patterns.

Tip #4 -Add extra throws and pillows to create a luscious appearance.  Monogrammed pillows are also a great way to personalize this space!

With the temperature dropping (at least here in WI) it is the perfect time to layer up with blankets and pillows and climb into a well-made bed with a good book.  


*Images courtesy of: Elle Decor, Elements of Style, Kate Schintzius, Palmer Weiss, Dress Design and Decor, Courtney Jiles, Adore Mag, Robyn Karp.

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