Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Rug Report

 I am FREAKING out over my latest rug discovery!  A refined collection of some of the greatest rugs EVER over at The Inglenook Decor.  Why oh why are they only in 3'x5's??????  I would take any single one of them in about twice that size.  So for those of you who are lucky enough to be searching for a rug that is 3'x5' I'm SO SUPER JEALOUS, but take a look.

Love the colorway.

I want this one...

Or this one in an XXL, OKAY?


More Chevron

Reminds me of Jonathan Adler aka My Jonathan

Happinesssssssssssss in a rug

Oh and did I mention they are all incredibly affordable?  From $95-$176...UGH!



  1. Adore these rugs! Where do I find them? Oh so affordable! I AM actually thinking about a 3x5.

    Also adore your dog. My little pup is only 6 months and looks a lot like yours. You are inspiring me to get him up on my new blog...

  2. Meg, you can find the rugs here: Aren't they fab?