Friday, November 19, 2010

Jeans Friday {For the Men and the Ladies}

I had a great Friday night last weekend catching up with many close friends, as we celebrated the engagement of a best friend of mine (more to come on that - diamonds, wedding ideas, etc!).  Anyway, I got a lot of feedback regarding this very blog, which was awesome.  I received many requests, mostly dealing with fashion.  One in particular was from both the guys and the girls and it was for causal Friday attire ideas. Now, for the ladies, it's pretty easy for me to throw something together.  But in regards to the men I'm no expert. I do have to say that though, that I have one very well-dressed boyfriend.  And to give myself a little credit - I have selected a few things for him that remain staples in his closet.  

So, for jeans Friday on the mens end, I would grab your favorite pair of jeans to start.  J.Crew has a great selection, as does gap and if you want to splurge for a designer pair, head over to nordstroms and take your pick.  I prefer a dark wash to something lighter.  Pair those with a plaid button down and a pullover sweater or cardigan.  Again, J.Crew is a go to for casual stuff for both Peter and I.  Also, Canvas here in Madison has excellent stuff for men.  Top your look off with a pair of ankle boots or suede boat shoes.  It's hard to get away with leather boat shoes as the temperatures drop.  And if boat shoes are too casual, throw on a pair of loafers and you're set.  So here you go guys!

Now on the the ladies look. Personally, if I worked in an office where suits or business casual attire was the norm, I would take casual Friday as an opportunity to wear something more creative as opposed to something super casual.  So I would take my go-to jeans - J.Crew toothpick in midnight wash - to give my look the perfect refined base.  Then I would choose a silk cami and a cardi of some type.  You can change this up from week to week, but I paired a silver cami with a gray cardi in my example here.  Throw on some booties (always ones with a heel for me!) and play around with a few accessories.  Top it off with a killer bag and your ready for the day.  AND lucky you, you have a date after work today!  Or your meeting your boyfriend, whatever... Well take off the cardi and switch into a pair of pumps that you've thrown in your bag and you are ready for night!

I hope this helps.  Now take this weekend to get your staples ready for your next jeans Friday!



  1. Wah! My work doesn't have casual Friday. But I absolutely love your looks! Those little boots are adorable!

  2. Levi's are my new jeans of choice. comfort and quality for $60. can't beat it.

  3. These are gorgeous outfits you have put together! Loving the accessories for the ladies. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx