Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

I had a reader request for a post with fun, colorful, inexpensive rugs.  It is often hard to find budget friendly rugs, especially ones that are colorful or highly detailed.  However, I didn't even have to flip to my folder of resources because when I'm looking for an area rug my number one resource is Overstock.com.  Sure enough, I entered their site and immediately saw 10 rugs that I would love to have.  Here are my top picks.

Overstock Rugs


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  1. Hey Morgs! Love the rugs!!! I have a request :) I just spoke with my mom and we are trying to figure out where people can find kitchen islands (like that you buy not have installed) that are nicer than a typical furniture store... any ideas? Sorry not very exciting request, but just throwin it out there! xoxo love the blog! Kiks

  2. FYI, my parents just bought 2 rugs from overstock.. of your choices! you rock girl!