Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amanda Masters Design

I stumbled across Amanda Masters Design the other day and I'm thrilled I did.  Amanda is a British born model turned designer and for the last eight years she has been designing spaces for the Hollywood Elite.  The span of her work is incredible and each project she completes is very unique in its own right.

 I SO love the rug, coffee table and hanging starbursts here. 

 Dark velvet against bright patterned wallpaper - delicious.  

 I'm dying to use dark wallpaper like this in a client's home.  And those sconces are absolutely beautiful.

Can't go wrong with a chaise and a lucite table.

 I especially love this because I'm toying with the idea of creating a billiards room in a client's home and this one is certainly done right.

 This wallpaper with the elegant shape of the chair and the pop of coral is perfection.

 That window is too cute.

 I recently put quilted stools in a clients home and they really cozy up a cold bar area.  The throw pillows and blankets here help too.  The gorgeous lamps and wall mirror don't hurt either.

 Ahhh I LOVE the white space in contrast with the really dark wood.  It's so serene.  

 This space is very glam in comparison to some of the others she has done which goes to show you how diverse her portfolio is.

 Subtle.  Very masculine. 

Love the neutrality and lovely detail here.

Definitely check out her portfolio if you're inspired by this preview because there is so much more to enjoy!



  1. Oh my, those dining chairs are BANANAS. We currently have boring old Parson's chairs in our house, though my dream is to really invest in something unique but timeless like those babies. We have a round dining table that can seat six, so the chairs are an important feature.

    This entire portfolio = Drool.

  2. i like the green runner about 6 pics up.

  3. She did an amazing job. I must hop over to see more.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Love for real! Heading over to see the rest of her portfolio now!