Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crushing on: Massucco Warner Miller

I've been tweaking the decor in our home since the day we moved in.  I think for the most part things are coming along, however, I'm really not satisfied with how the bedroom is turning out.  I'm pretty sure I chose the wrong fabric for the lamp shades I covered in there.  I also need a new duvet and some throw pillows.  I began putting some ideas together but I needed a good dose of design stimulation so I began taking a look at some of my favorite interior designer portfolios.  I found some great inspiration in the one belonging to Massucco Warner Miller.  I'm so drawn to all of the bedrooms they've done and think I've gained a new perspective into where I'm going with my bedroom design thanks to them!  Take a look at these beauties.  They all maintain a delicate balance of neutrals and bright colors, as well as sophistication and whimsy.

I spy yummy wallpaper, bed skirts, bolsters, headboards and x-benches.  Do you?



  1. I adore the fresh, sophisticated look they bring to every room. Thrilled to find your blog this's wonderful!!