Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYE Decorations

The last thing most of us want to think about right now is more holiday decorating.  But for those of you hosting a NYE party, you want to have a fun environment for your guests.  So I have a couple easy tips for you to accomplish this with little money and time!

Tip #1: Frozen Cranberries and Champagne.  And that is it.  I did this at a party a few years ago and everyone loved it!  It adds excitement to the #1 drink that you need to ring in the new year.  Plus, since you've frozen the cranberries, they keep the Champagne extra cool while sipping.

Tip #2: Create an easy centerpiece with tinsel.  

Grab some martini glasses, tinsel and ornaments that you have left over from your Christmas decor and pile them in the glass.  It should look fun, like a firework, so it doesn't need to be styled much at all.  If you don't have the supplies, I'm sure Michaels is having crazy sales on this stuff, so for around $10 you could probably create three of these.

Or you could grab a couple alarm clocks at target and place those down the center of the table or around the party space on side tables, etc.  Then sprinkle tinsel around and use the champagne bottles themselves as a decorative element.

Tip #3: Make inexpensive party favors look expensive.  Use your serving wear to display noisemakers or new years crowns.  It will help your guests locate them when they are a little tipsy come midnight and will leave you with less to clean up the next day.

Tip #4:  Give your guests a midnight snack.  You would hate for guests to be hungry after celebrating for hours, but the hors d'oeuvres may have been gobbled up already.  So bake some cookies that you can wrap up and hand out after the new years countdown.

With these tips, you'll be ultimate host!

So, I'm off to LA to ring in the new year and to see our Badgers at the Rose Bowl!!  I plan on posting for the rest of the week, but can't promise since I may be without internet.


*Images courtesy of: Family Circle, Fave Crafts, Martha Stewart.


  1. Thanks for the great tips (as always)! The champagne looks gorgeous!! I love the centerpiece idea with the ornaments and tinsel! It seems so simple and elegant. Have a great new year!!!!

  2. The champagne & cranberries is so pretty! Love it.