Friday, December 10, 2010

Gifts for our Furry Friends!

For those of you who know me well, you know I consider Keller to be somewhat like a child.  Although, I think he is better behaved than most children and much more eager to please.  But, hey, that's just me. :) So when it comes to Christmas time, he is definitely at the top of my shopping list.  He will like pretty much anything I pick out for him and unlike lots of dogs, he will take really good care of any toy that appears in his stocking on Christmas morning.  So, I put together a list of things (more for my fellow dog lovers since he has most everything on the list already) so you can have a happy pup come Christmas Day.

Click on the photo for full item descriptions, but I'll give you my quick run down.  First, a dog bed from Furbish.  They are customizable and come in the most incredible fabric choices.  Every dog needs a good bed!  Next up, a link lead from Harry Barker.  The navy one would match Keller's collar!  What else?  How about a raincoat?  Keller has this one in black and is a total stud sporting it around town.  Bonus for me, no wet dog smell!

Now, the food storage container is more for you, as a pet owner.  It's so great not to have to reach my hand into a 40 lb bag of dry dog food everyday.  The version I've posted here is a great option by Harry Barker, but I'm not going to lie, mine was $13 at TJ Maxx.  Another essential is the chuck-it.  Best dog toy out there, plain and simple.  Maybe not for the small guys, but Keller lives for this thing when we are at the park.  It launches the ball SUPER far, so it is great to get them running and then of course you don't have to touch a dirty, slobbery tennis ball.  Pop-up bowls are another thing I never leave behind.  I actually keep one in the car, along with a water bottle so Keller always has a drink after playing at the park.  In the summer is it so important to make sure your dog is hydrated and if you can stash away this collapsible bowl in the car or a pack you take to the park, it really helps.  Lastly, a placemat for your furry friend!  Keller has one that we picked up one day when we were out shopping, but this personalized one from La Plates is too cute to pass up!  So, while you are out finishing up (or starting for some of you) your holiday shopping, don't forget about the ones that give you such unconditional love!


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  1. Chuck Its are the greatest! Until of course Kasey gets so tired (after less than 10 min) that he lays down on top the ball to tell me "no way, no more, I'm DONE" Have you seen the new glow in the dark balls they sell to go with the chuck it? Amazing! Not to mention they are great when at the lake :)

    Thanks for sharing the gift ideas, can't forget our best buds :) I may have to pick up one of those adorable placemats!