Monday, December 6, 2010

Gifts for the guys.

Have you guys started your holiday shopping? I've finished a lot of mine, but not only do I have Christmas in December, I have Peter's birthday too, which means a lot of guy gifts!  Is it just me or are guys so much harder to please when it comes to gift giving?  I wanted to put together a guide for the men because I think I've honed my skills over the years.  So here are some great gifts for the guys we are hoping to surprise this season. 

My picks include: 
  • A Laundress New York bar for guys and their dress shirts.  If they get a pesky stain at work, they can use this vegetable based soap bar to remove any dirt.
  • A great pair of leather gloves.  Guys don't use lotion as often as girls do to protect our skin from cracking in the winter.  A pair of go-to gloves will keep their skin away from the harsh cold (at least here in Wisconsin)!
  • A leather flask or any flask for that matter is always a fun gift for a younger guy.  J.Crew has this on their favorites list too!
  • A "leather excursion case" helps the traveler keep his personal items organized.  Also, this handsome case will keep items like glass cologne bottles protected.
  • A pair of UGG slip-on slippers.  Peter has had a pair of these that has lasted about 6 years.  He definitely wears them every night, especially with the temps dropping.
  • A leather beer holster.  Again, this is a great gift for a younger guy.  It's perfect for tailgating or when you need a place for your beer while your tending to the grill.
  • An accessories box.  This box is perfect for a guy who loves his accessories (watches, cuff links, etc).  Not only will it protect these things from getting nicked up, but he will always be able to find them in the same place.  If you know a guy that is anything like Peter, he often loses track of things.  This is a perfect solution!
  • A leather catchall.  If the accessories box is a little too froo froo for one of the guys on your list, opt for this catchall instead.  You can have his initials monogrammed in it to add a personal touch and he will still have a safe place for his belongings.
  • Framed art.  This is a favorite of mine because you can really personalize it depending on what a certain guy's interests are.  Peter is a huge music lover, so one year my dad and step-mom framed a Rolling Stone's magazine cover featuring The Beatles for him.  It now hangs in our living room is definitely one of our favorite pieces.  Weather you are buying for a sports lover or a world traveler, there are so many great options out there.
  • A kleen kanteen.  The kleen kanteen is the original BPA free water container.  Peter has one and uses it every single day, whether he is working or working out.  They are reasonable in price and extremely durable.  Perfect for a stocking stuffer!
So I hope these ideas help you cross off a few of the men on your gift list this year!


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