Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remembering Elizabeth

My heart goes out to the Edwards family as Elizabeth lost her battle against cancer yesterday.  To me Elizabeth was such a strong, intelligent woman.  She overcame so much loss in her life and very courageously fought against the cancer that took her life.  Elizabeth was a lawyer, healthcare activist, mom and so much more.  But did you know she also had an interiors shop?  I wanted to share with you today some photos of the store, Red Window, that Elizabeth opened in Chapel Hill in 2009.  She said opening a furniture store was always a dream of hers and I'm happy to celebrate this part of her life.

Pretty great stuff, huh?  Elizabeth was inspired to open this shop after watching her mother run a charity store called the Red Door on the marine base where they lived in southern Japan.  Her mom would search for bargains in Japanese antiques and pass on the savings to the other military families.  At Red Window, they search for high end, quality pieces at discount prices and pass on the savings to their customers.  I'm hoping the shop will stay open and serve as a memory of such a generous woman.



  1. I've been reading all about Mrs. Edwards lately, but had no idea she had an interiors shop of her own. It's no surprise that she had fabulous taste! What a beautiful lady.

  2. I had no idea either! I was so sad to hear of her passing yesterday. She truly was an amazing woman. Better than I could ever hope to be.