Friday, March 25, 2011

For the Ladies: JewelMint

Have I got a great deal for you!  I was reading The Zoe Report and I was excited to discover JewelMint, Kate Bosworth's jewelry club.  At first I was like, another online club, no no.  But then I saw that Rachel was giving a discount to her Zoe Report readers, so I hopped over to check out the goods.  Well I'm so glad I did, because apparently all of these hand picked items are $29.99 and with Rachel's discount you get 50% off on one piece!  I think you can only purchase one piece a month at the $29.99 price point, but I could be wrong.  So anyway, I selected these earrings below and with the code Zoe50 I got them for $14.99 with free shipping!  Click here to join JewelMint and select something as a treat to yourself on this fab Friday!

Cool, yes?


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