Tuesday, March 15, 2011

People In Glass Houses

I've been looking for cool, innovative inspiration images of homes with glass rooms/walls.  I'm working with my dad and step-mom on their home and part of the process is turning their porch into a 4 seasons room.  They have an incredible view of a ravine in their backyard, so to maximize this view, we are making two of the walls into all windows/glass doors.  My dad came across The NanaWall System, which is one option that we are looking into.  They have an impressive gallery showcasing their systems in homes all over the world, so I gathered a few favorites from that along with a couple other images I found while researching this exciting project!


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  1. Great photos. We just got married and am starting to look for homes. I LOVE this posting! Windows bring light and make everything appear so much bigger. Looking forward to following you! :)