Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreamery Studio Prints

I've mentioned in previous posts how great Etsy is for finding unique handmade and vintage goods.  Well, last night, I was looking at some of the shops Etsy had suggested for me and I came upon Dreamery Studio.  I immediately fell in love with their images that are printed on vintage book pages.  What a genius idea!  These may be the perfect dose of masculinity for our living room (Peter casually mention things are getting a little too girlie around here for his liking, oops).

Now the hardest decision is choosing between these and the 17 pages worth of others!



  1. i have had this seller saved on my etsy favorites for awhile now!

    lovely post.


  2. great photos! what a fun blog! i love this! cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]

  3. I've been seeing these prints and loving them. I just found your blog via Made by Girl. I'm excited to follow along.

  4. saw ur blog via made by girl. LOVE your living room. Can you tell me where you found your coffee table- been looking for something just like that! THX

  5. Thanks to my new followers that found me via Made By Girl! Anonymous - The coffee table was a thrift find! It was medium-dark wood and I sanded it down and painted it a light gray with a white stripe. So glad you like it!

  6. love these! great prints have a vintage feel to them

  7. I purchased 3 prints off of Dreamery studio and just created custom mats and frames this weekend. They are super awesome! I def recommend these for your living room! Check out my Dreamery prints framed here: