Thursday, February 10, 2011


There are so many things I love about living in a newer condo (compared to our last apartment).  The entire place was in such great shape when we moved in, plus there are hardwood floors in the living/dining and a super functional kitchen.  One of the things I really don't like, however, is the fact that we have ceiling fans (yuck!), generic light fixtures and of course the cabinet hardware.  It's pretty typical that when you move into a newer building, the units will have the standard selections for these items.  And for me, replacing these items is usually something that gets pushed further and further down the ever evolving, never ending TO-DO list (forgive me for making furniture the priority). However, last night I was catching up on the blog Everything LEB (I'm a new follower) and came across a hardware resource that Lindsay had posted.  Check out these awesome hardware options from this source.

I LOVE this tassel pull.

A classic pull, so adorable and affordable.


(I'll have two of these for my bar, pleaseandthankyou)

(Hello beach house)

Nailhead Inspired Zinc Pulls
(These are $1 a piece.  If you are looking for affordable, hello!)
Freaking AMAZING Elephant Pulls

And this selection is like 1/1000th of what they have in stock.  Check it out for projects big and small!