Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blair's Boudoir

Did anyone else tune in for the return of Gossip Girl last night?  I have to say the show itself was a huge disappointment but as always, I love the style inspiration that I get from watching.  For awhile now I've LOVED Serena's bedroom at Blair's home and went in search of some good photos to share with you.  However, I found ONE measly little shot that wasn't even worth sharing.  I was drawn to a photo I came across of Blair's room though and thought I'd recreate the look for you.

Blair's Room on the Set

My Version
Blair Waldorf's Bedroom

All mine needs is a little ambiance. :)



  1. I like your version better. Can you share where you found these items?

  2. If you click on my bedroom's image, it will take you to a list of the pieces I used. It's listed on the right hand side.