Monday, January 17, 2011


When Peter and I moved to Madison, we brought a lot of furniture with us from San Francisco.  There were pieces that I had collected, as well as some staples that we didn't want to sell, one of which was this desk.

It has great lines, however I haven't been that happy with how it has translated to our new space.  It's a bit big compared to the surrounding pieces and honestly isn't that functional anymore, since we have a built in workspace now.  So, I was talking to Peter about putting it in storage and he suggested using it as a vanity in the bedroom.  I absolutely love the idea because we truthfully don't have a dressing table of any kind, not even an area in the bathroom to sit in front of the mirror.  Now, I just have to decide if it should go next to the bed, creating an asymmetrical look, since it would also be serving as one of the nightstands OR if it should go in front of a large window that runs along the the length of the bed.

I'm kind of leaning towards putting it in front of the window since the natural light would pour in.




  1. I agree on putting it by the window (sight unseen, of course). Based off your picture of the desk, it seems like it would look gorgeous with the light on it.

    You are so lucky that Peter suggested the vanity! What a guy. Also, every time I see those curtains you made I'm STILL blown away!

  2. I agree - having so much natural light would be perfect for putting on make-up in the morning. I've yet to find a make-up mirror that can truly recreate nature!