Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homegoods Finds

I had to run into TJ Maxx the other day to make a return.  And when I say run in I mean wander the isles for at least an hour and when I say return I obviously mean exchange because it's impossible to walk out of TJ's/Marshalls/Homegoods without another addition to my home.  I did a really REALLY good job of editing down my purchases, but I saw so many things I wanted to take home with me.  If you guys have any time this week, I highly suggest you head over to your local store and check out their current merchandise.  My faves...

 Octagonal lacquered trays.

 Lacquered boxes, perfect to stash remotes or other random things you don't want to be seen.

 I'm a little shocked by my own willpower because this white and black one is STILL calling my name.

 Pretty vase, a perfect pop of color for a home in need of Spring.

 Mirrors galore, including this sunburst one for only $40!

 Adorable glass cake tray.

 Apothecary jars for $10.

 Large black and white striped pillows.

Silver lamp on clearance for $30 (and there were two)!  If I wasn't already a lamp hoarder, I would have taken these home but I knew that at this point I would get a "she's a crazy lady" look from Peter had I walked in with yet another set.



  1. How you made it home without the nesting trays and lacquered boxes will forever remain a mystery to me!

  2. Wow, loving those nested trays. FABULOUS!

  3. My weakness this weekend was TJ Maxx. I had also seen the $10 Apothecary Jars, for which I could not pass up (LOL). The one I grabbed has nice detail and had a really nice tassel hanging from the neck. For my hall bath, which has a beachy theme, I picked up 2 signs and an anchor. The signs could not be passed by for $3 each. The anchor was a splurge for me at $4.99 (it’s small. Maybe about 5x7?) but, I want to copy it. A Parisian style ceramic canister could not be passed up for $4 and two shirts for $10 each (one a Talbots shirt).
    At $47.xx, I think I did well.
    I’d also seen the lacquered boxes (in Tiffany blue) and passed. Oh, but I did LOVE them!

    Extreme Personal Measures