Thursday, January 20, 2011

VMAC + Cheese and Attention to Detail in SF!

As previously mentioned here, one of the things I had planned during my trip to the west coast was to meet up with Victoria of VMAC + Cheese.  Victoria and I became friends over the blogosphere right as I moved from San Francisco to Madison.  So in my trip back to visit friends in SF, I decided it was necessary that Victoria and I met face to face.  We decided to do so at the Jonathan Adler store in the Fillmore district, as it was a convenient meeting spot AND both of us are admirers of Jonathan's work.  I was a little nervous the day of our encounter because online relationships can be much different when they translate to the real world.  However, I had NOTHING to fear because Victoria was just as I had imagined - warm, friendly, fun, and incredibly adorable and chic.  I was so thrilled to have a new friend and can't wait until our next meeting.  You can read about Victoria's take on our rendezvous here.  One big regret we both had was that we totally forgot to take a photo together!  I did get some snapshots from the JA store though...

 Beautiful bedding and tufted headboard.

 Needlepoint pillows EVERYWHERE, plus this incredible floor lamp.

 Chevron blanket and a Capricorn pillow for Peter!

 LOVE this x-bench and lacquered tray.

Aries pillow for moi!  I didn't take it home but it's going on my bday wish list.


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  1. Morgan, I had a blast and am so happy we met. I can't wait for you to come back to SF again! Next time we will have to include cocktails and even more browsing. I realized (doh!) that we totally could've gone to the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store!!!!! :)