Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ski Lodge Style

We are headed to Tahoe today to hit the slopes for a few days.  I haven't downhill skied in a LONG time, but having done it when I was little and having cross-country skied for most of my life, I'm hoping I'll get back into it quickly.  When booking this trip, I took a look at a bunch of different resorts and then expanded my search to places that were definitely NOT going to happen this time around (think French Alps, etc).  But I did found some pretty swoon-worthy ski lodge interiors.

 Depending on the WIFI situation, I might not be able to post for a couple days.  Wish me luck!


*Images courtesy of: Curated Mag, Gramercy, Biz Bash, Furniture Fashion.

1 comment:

  1. Love the side tables in the bedroom - has given me another idea for our bedroom. Also love the big open space in photo 3 and photo 2 love the lounge area - looks very relaxing.